Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Extravaganza!

Here are some fun pictures from Valentine's prep, off to school to share goodies with friends and Valentine's morning too.
Quinn and JT gave these fun treats out to their friends and teachers.  I got the idea  here   and here .
They love music and playing guitar hero too, so these seemed a great match for them.

JoJo LOVES cotton candy and I found the perfect idea here to make goodies to share with her friends and teacher.  She created her own stamped cards and wrote Love, JoJo on each one!  
She was very proud and excited to get to school.  

Peyton was so excited and prepared pink heart pancakes for the little kids and even 
had gifts for each of them.  Misty got into the spirit of the day too!

I've been wanting to cover our couch pillows for quite awhile and took advantage of the beautiful red print fabric I got from you mom at Christmas.  I made the cover double thick and added some cotton batting to camouflage the pokey feathers that are in the stuffing. 

I appliqued felt hearts on the back and added buttons to help secure the ties.  I wanted it to be zipper free and it has been fun to have something cute on the back when I find the pillow on the floor!
Getting ready for Valentine's Day was so fun and celebrating the actual day with the family was even better!  I had a couple other things I did to decorate and celebrate the kids. I post some pics when I snap them up before the decorations come down.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Remembering Hawaii 2 years ago for our anniversary.
Our anniversary this year, all about the Colorado snow.