Monday, March 28, 2011

More Memories from Disneyland

Here's on of our favorite rides, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters in Tomorrowland.  Q is giving the thumbs up that he's ready for a fun ride with his sister!  John is already holding onto the blaster gun.  He's not too competitive. :-)

JoJo hoping to get some points by shooting the camera.

JoJo posing by the Buzz Lightyear map.

Switching gears, here's my little driver!  Kind of scary to see into the future.  I was driving with her and that's how I got this close up picture of her concentrating.  She could barely see over the wheel.

This ride is just like I remember it from years ago.  I guess the car models are a bit more updated but still a great time cruising through Autopia in Tomorrowland.

When we first got to Anaheim the kids noticed all the palm trees.  I wasn't driving so I could snap up pictures of the beautiful surroundings.

Grammy Janet helping get the Goofy hat set just right so it wouldn't fall over JoJo's eyes.

The final shot with the hat in place.  Yeah, she doesn't like getting her picture taken.

After enjoying the Astro Blasters we got the chance to meet Buzz in person!  JoJo noticed him and asked to get in line.  So Grammy and I waited with her since the others were on Space Mountain.  Perfect timing they came looking for us and JoJo was just about to the front of the line.  He's signing all the kids books as they watch in amazement.

Then here's the final shot with Q and his thumbs up again! 

Back to the Mad Hatter shop...Goofy and Donald in disguise.

I couldn't take a good picture of both faces at the same time.  Can you tell it's Q under that famous quacker?

JoJo was the queen of trying on hats.  It is amazing to see all the choices of hats and ears they offer now at Disneyland.  Anything you can imagine they will make for you.

Here's Sorcerer JoJo using some of her magic and putting a spell on the camera.
I loved this shot of the giant Etch a Sketch. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Let the Memories Begin!

This is the iconic Disneyland sign that sits in the middle open area between Disneyland park and California Adventure park.  I, of course, didn't catch the sign while it read Disneyland.  Here it is showing pictures of many happy faces on kids of all ages.  

JoJo was waiting so patiently while John got our tickets.  She was taking in all the the Mickey head shaped benches and the monorail tracks. 
We first went to City Hall to get John's special pass.   Donald was hanging out right outside but the kids weren't used to lines yet and didn't want to wait for his autograph.  They learned more about lines as the days went by.
There's Sleeping Beauty's castle and our crew about to walk through it!  It was so fun to see the excitement for every new thing they discovered.
JT and Quinn were fascinated by the "magic" apple.  When touched the witch's voice spoke.
JoJo didn't like the Snow White ride too much.  I think the fact that it's called Snow White's Scary Adventure should have been our first clue, but it had been a long time since we'd been on it.  I know that's a poor excuse for traumatizing her.  We all decided to go on It's a Small World next to convince her that there are very fun and not scary rides at Disneyland.  Something new is all the characters from movies that they have put into the doll form and strategically place throughout the lands.  Here's some I snapped up...Alice, Dori, and Woody and Jessie.
I did remember all the fun shaped bushes at Disneyland and Peyton requested pictures of the elephant and giraffe, her favorite animals right now.  They were super cute and hard to resist snapping their pictures. 
Okay that's all for today.  I'll post more pictures and details from our amazing trip real soon.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disneyland 2011

The boys were super excited even at 6:30 am when we left for the airport!

The girls were a little more subdued...they would have loved a little more sleep before heading off to Disneyland.

Grandpa Chuck dropped us off at the airport.  Then when bags were checked and the gate was found we settled in for a bit of a wait.  There were the readers and the DS players.  And then there was the "coffee" drinker too!

John was so ready to get to a true shorts weather destination.
The plane going was not full at all and we enjoyed stretching out with lots of space.