Thursday, April 14, 2011

Orange Ribbons Everywhere

Last September our incredible friends in our neighborhood decided to surprise our family with orange ribbons on every tree in the neighborhood!  They were placed on each tree to honor my husband John during his fight with Leukemia.  We woke up to an orange ribbon decorated porch and at first didn't realize they were on every tree!  It was a wonderful surprise just to see what our friends had done for our own home.  They also put a beautiful poster on our door.

When we made it outside later to take the kids to school we were overwhelmed by a sea of orange!  Just to drive down the street made me tear up with the thought of our friends spending so much time planning, making, and then attaching all those ribbons.  Still today we have people ask if the ribbons are for us.  Yes, the ribbons are still on most of the trees!  It has been so many months and they are looking a little tired after all this time, but they still make me smile every time I walk or drive down our street.  It is an amazing reminder of the love and support we have here in First Light.  We truly have the BEST neighborhood.   Funny story...back in October last year someone commented on how much our neighborhood must love Halloween since we had "decorated" with all the orange ribbons!   Anyone that drives into our neighborhood is impacted by the sea of orange ribbons, especially when they find out it's been done to honor John and our family.

Thank you First Light friends so  much!  We are truly blessed.

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